Naomi has been seeing my horse for about four years now and has been a valuable support both to him and me during this time. He has a wonky pelvis and I struggled to find a saddle to fit him. Naomi has helped with any soreness that he has had and has provided lots of advice on how best to manage him. She is professional yet at the same time warm and friendly, and is happy to talk things through at length and explain things clearly when I don't understand or get worried! Naomi is always punctual and you never feel rushed when she's with you. I would highly recommend Naomi to anybody, whether you have issues with your horse or just want some routine maintenance from a knowledgeable person you can trust.

Sarah Whitehead

Dean came to see my horse Ludo after an ongoing problems with his arthritis and endless vets bills for cortisone injections!
Ludo was uncomfortable rushing off when I was riding him and constantly stiff and slightly lame on the back end!
After treating Ludo Tuesday and a few days off, he is like a different horse! He was moving freely and not rushing, coming onto the bridle without asking and no resistance! I cannot recommend Dean enough, he was very professional, very knowledgeable, he explained everything he was doing thoroughly and has made me aware of certain symptoms to look out for to ensure he stays a happy horse!

Jasmine Szabo

Chez my 14 year old Arab x cob gelding had become severely lame and was diagnosed with arthritis in his hock. Chez also has a slightly tilted pelvis from birth, the combination of this and the arthritis resulted in Chez using his muscles incorrectly in his back. He was extremely stiff and sore which was adding to the lameness.

The vet recommended Chez receive Physiotherapy to combat the muscle soreness in his back. Naomi has been treating Chez for the last two years starting with regular sessions and daily exercises. During this time Chez has improved dramatically and has moved from being extremely lame and sore to being almost completely sound. He is now able to be ridden regularly and recently went on his first fun ride in a couple of years.
Naomi now regularly checks all my horses. I am really grateful to Naomi for enabling me to be able to ride Chez again and I would highly recommend her.

Steph Bond

I can not recommended highly enough the care and support that Naomi has given my boy and myself over the last two and a half years. He was a very sad pony with kissing spine, and following surgery we started his rehab, through which Naomi guided us through each stage. He soon got back to his usual cheeky self and I still look forward to his 3 monthly top-ups. Reassuringly, Naomi is at the end of the phone to offer advice and support if needed. Thanks again Naomi!

Liz Thomas

I first contacted Naomi two years ago when I bought my 5 year old gelding Bumble to check him over before I began his ridden career. He came to me backed and ridden away but had never received proper schooling and was very underdeveloped. He often became tight through his neck due to the change in his ridden work, which Naomi would skillfully diagnose and sympathetically treat. She has always been very happy to help and support us, no matter the circumstance and always explains her assessment findings and treatment methods. She also taught me important stretches and exercises to keep him supple and strong between visits and the difference in Bumble from when I got him to now is immense. Regular physio has been a huge part of his transformation ensuring he is always feeling fit and well so that I can carry out his training knowing that he is physically able to do his work. We will continue to see Naomi regularly for check ups to ensure that Bumble is always happy and healthy. Bumble and I would both highly recommend Naomi's friendly, professional and reliable service!

Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown

We have a 19 year old 15.3 hand high gelding 'Ri' who my daughter competes in all disciplines. Ruth Gladman recommended that we contact Naomi as coming out of the winter into more sustained schooling Ri could not perform consistently. He had lost muscle tone and topline and looked generally uncomfortable and stiff.

Naomi diagnosed that we did indeed have a problem - he was very stiff and tense through the back and neck, we had his saddle checked and changed and this combined with a series of treatment sessions from Naomi to relieve the tension through his back and neck have been hugely beneficial and key to enabling Ri and Eliza to compete successfully this summer ultimately qualifying for the Pony Club championships in novice dressage - they would have never got this far without Naomi's expert diagnosis and help or had judges comment that Ri was 'soft and supple' - as he definitely was nothing of the sort back in February!
We are now continuing with regular sessions every three months to keep him this way and highly recommend Naomi for her knowledge, skill and professionalism - Thank you Naomi!!

Jo Hughes

Naomi has been treating my horses for many years and I can't imagine using anyone else. She always listens to the issues with individual horses and thoroughly assesses them whilst explaining what she is finding and treating. I would never have got one of my horses back on track after surgery without her expertise and patience. I can always count on her for support or advice and have a huge amount trust in her ability to either solve a problem or improve a horses performance.

Cery Owens, Vet Student

My horse was diagnosed with a 4cm tear in the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon in the foot of his right fore. After 6 months of box rest with with only 15 minutes / day of walking in hand and remedial shoeing, Naomi came to see him, carried out a full assessment and put together a structured plan for his return to work. This wasn't going to be a quick fix, but a gradual process with Naomi reassessing at the end of each stage before progressing to the next level. She was always available if I had any queries and eventually 6 months after the start of rehab my horse was able to walk, trot and canter and maintain soundness and we were able to turn him out with the herd. Eight months later he is still sound and enjoying his hacks and schoolwork. I have no doubt that without Naomi's input we would not be in this position now. She was very professional, explained what she was doing and was very supportive when things got tough! I would highly recommend Naomi.

Ros Lewis - Horse Rider

Many thanks to Naomi for the exceptional treatment she has given my horses over the 10years I have known her. She has helped us through many injuries over the years and I have always found her to be lovely with the horses, professional to deal with and her attention to detail second to none.

Liz Webster

I struggled to find a good Physio for my horses for a fair few years and had lost faith in finding a Physio with a natural eye and understanding of the modern day show jumping horse. I then came across Naomi who restored my faith. I was very impressed with Naomi's natural eye for a horse's weakness and soreness. Every time Naomi treats one of my horses I notice an immense difference. If any of my horses lose quality of performance or I feel they may have a niggle Naomi is my go to.

Sophie Heaven

Naomi has been treating my horses for over 12 years. I know that she has been fundamental in keeping my horses fit and happy in their work. When my mare suffered a serious tendon injury the prognosis was that there was no guarantee she would ever be ridden again. With box rest and Naomi treating her weekly with ultrasound she made a full recovery. Naomi has also treated back pain as a result of being caught up in a fence and general age related mobility issues and my 24 year old mare is still enjoying her work and successfully competing at dressage, showing and jumping. She has always had an annual physio check, boosted by any specific injury related visits. I fully believe prevention where possible is better than cure and I will continue to use Naomi's skills to keep my mare and pony happy in their work for as long as possible. We all owe Naomi so much, I am so very grateful for her skills, care and attention she has given over the years.

Joy Yeo