Hartpury Dissection Day

Hartpury Dissection Day

Monday 12th September 2016

On the 8th of September, the organisers of the MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy for Chartered Physiotherapists put on a anatomy dissection study day for all the clinical educators in the area. We had access to the distal (lower) limb and the cervical spine (neck) and were able to explore the soft tissues and joints and discuss treatment relevance and pathology. It was a privilege and very useful for my practice.

The video shows the slide of the tendons over the back of the fetlock, allowing movement but giving stability. The tendons are white due to the amount of collagen and the poor blood supply which makes them so vulnerable to injury and slow to heal.
There is a great picture of the inside of the fetlock joint showing how smooth the cartilage is and how the joint is hinged and therefore vulnerable to rotation stresses. This clearly illustrates the importance of correct foot balance in reducing unwanted movement.

You can watch the video on my Facebook page.